Requirements for Admission

1. Filled application form (click on icon on the right to 
download the application form)
2. 2 recent 1"x1" pictures of your child
2.Copy of birth certificate
3. Records from previous school if applicable
4. Medical certificate
5. Assessment from Doctors, therapist, where applicable
6. Pay application Fee (application fee of php500.00.  Students with exceptional needs (SEN) evaluation fee P2,000.00.


Admissions Policy & Placement


In line with Kid's World philosophy of equal opportunity, it does not impose limits on who can and cannot be admitted   except when the capacity of our facilities is deemed full..  Placement will  depend on assessment results.


We provide a continuum of educational placement and services, divided into:


  1. Early Intervention (children ages 2 to 4)

  2. Primary Education (Kinder, to G4)

  3. Elementary Education (Grade 5 to 6)

  4. Junior High Education (Grade 7 to 10)

  5. Homeschooling (PreK to G10)


Students with special needs:


Curricular options for the SEN will be developed depending on the ability, needs, and age of the student. As much as practicable, students with special needs will be given access to the regular curriculum. Accommodations and modifications will be made on a student per student bases.


General guidelines:


  • Same curriculum and activity as regular learners but paced much faster for the fast learner or slower for those with cognitive difficulties. The SEN pursues the same objectives or concepts as his typical peers.

  • Multi-grade or Multi-curriculum instruction. The SEN is included in certain curriculum, but may pursue different objectives within the same curriculum. Example in Math. Instead of higher Math concepts the SEN may be taught the functional use of money, budgeting.

  • Multi-Age or Curriculum over lapping where the SEN may be grouped with regular learners, but may pursue different objectives based on his IEP or level of performance.

  • Children who are having difficulties accessing the curriculum and have aged out of their grade level will be provided a transition or pre-vocational program. This will include skills training and job coaching should the parents so desire.



Is an alternative program for students who can not attend the formal system, for various reasons to include but not limited to disability, behavior problem, and physical infirmities. For details call the school.


School Fees


Payment is now accepted through GCash. You can also pay through to our EastWest Bank Account No: 200001204253. For the account of KIDS WORLD INTEGRATED SCHOOL, INC.


As a non-stock, nonprofit school, Kids World Integrated School relies solely on tuition fees collected each school year.


However, tuition covers only a portion of the cost of education of each child. We welcome donations, grants, and name sponsors who wish to “send a child” through Kids World.


Additional Costs:


Books and school supplies


After school therapy and other activities

Snacks and lunch

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