About Us

Kidsworld Integrated School's Mission and Vision...


To become a center where all students are welcome to develop and grow to their fullest potential in an environment that is caring, loving and nurturing. Using their experience in such a surrounding to become tolerant, responsible, and positive members of their community.

Our Philosophy...


We believe that children have the right to an education.  To do this, we use the Education for All framework of providing access, quality, and opportunity to education for all students, regardless of age, sex, race, religion and ability.



How it all began...


Kidsworld Integrated School started by providing early education services. It is a four star accredited program by the DSWD. With the demand for higher courses (Kinder to elem) for students of exceptional needs we started to offer Kindergarten and elem to a very small population of students.


It is located on the ground floor of the NGA Clubhouse, Johnson Street, North Greenhills Village. The location is ideal because the village is a safe place that has a big park, and ample parking space. It is also far from the noise of the main street. In this location, children with exceptional needs generally start their integration to the regular school program.


The classrooms are easily accessible for students on wheel chairs. The air conditioned classrooms are bright, and cheerful. The village itself has its own gymnasium and two parks where outdoor activities are held. Ample parking space is also available beside the clubhouse.


After evaluating the “good work” that we are doing, the Board has agreed to build a new building at 223 Panganiban St., corner San Luis, Barangay Onse, City of San Juan. It is located on a hill and therefore free from floods. Barangay Onse is a developing barangay in San Juan. It is also a historic site where the Katipuneros planned their revolution during the Spanish era.


The school is accessible through major points of the City, beside the new San Juan City Hall in Pinaglaban, and along Blumentritt St. near the Dominican College. Located in a 650 sq meter property. ​The initial building has 6 airconditioned classrooms which can be adjusted depending on school activities. A room has been set aside for therapy and for music classes. A multi-purpose court serves as venue for physical education activities, snack and lunch area. The entire school building has been designed to be disable friendly from the classrooms to the toilet areas.


The school has developed a strong relationship with the community and the local government of San Juan. Our school head is also an active member of the association of private school administrators of San Juan and is currently the President of the association. SAPRISA serves as a liaison between the private schools and the Department of Education aside from assisting small schools in the development of teachers and learning outcomes.


As far as our knowledge is concerned, we are the only school in San Juan that offers a full service support for students with exceptional needs.—providing occupational therapy, speech, and special education services.


Kids World Integrated School is headed by Dr. Ingrid R. Yap, BS, MPH, and Ph.D. All degrees earned from the University of the Philippines. Her varied educational training and experience working with non-government organizations, civic organizations, and Xavier School has equipped her with the skills to lead the school. She is currently the President of the San Juan Association of Private School Administrators .


As the founder and Directress of school, she has steered the school towards making quality education, accessible not only to a select few, but to all students. Her advocacy to make learning accessible to all students has furthered propelled her to provide additional educational opportunities to out of school youth through alternative delivery models.




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