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Here are Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about what we are offering

1. When is the start or your school year? And when is your enrollment period?


For our homeschooling program, you can start anytime however for our Hybrid and Homebased Online Modality, we will start the School Year on July 15, 2024 (Monday). Enrollment is now ongoing. You can fill up the online application form thru this link.

2. How much will it cost to homeschool a student? Are there any other fees required?


Our fees are pretty much set. We will email this to you once we have received your online application.


The only other expense you will incur will be for books and special tutorial if needed. We will send an attachment with our different programs and options so you can see which one is suitable for you. This can also be downloaded under our Programs page. 


3. Do we offer sibling discounts? 


Yes, subject to approval from the board.  

4. Can I enroll my child even if we are based abroad?

DepEd Order 1, series 2022 prohibits enrollment for Filipinos living overseas under the homeschool modality. You can enroll while overseas under our homebased modality similar to other students based in the Middle East or anywhere else in the world. Our classes are conducted live via Zoom and recorded so students can watch the replay given the time difference to be able to catch up with the lessons.  

5. What curriculum are you using?


We are following the curriculum set by the Department of Education (DepEd).


6. What are the modes of payment, and can we also do bank transfers?


We have a one-time annual fee and for those that cannot pay in full, you can choose to pay in installments. We have provided a semestral and 10 installment plan to help families manage their budget. You can pay using GCash then depositing to our account at East West Bank.


Once payment is made, kindly you send us a picture of the deposit slip or screenshot of the transaction so we can confirm with the bank. An official receipt will be sent to you via email or Viber.


7. Are the books, worksheets and other teaching materials provided? 


This depends on the learning modality you choose. 


8. What support do you give parents during homeschool?


For new parents, we can help you start up. You are also encouraged to visit sites on homeschooling so you can make the right decision about the kind of homeschooling delivery you wish. You may also email us for guidance during the homeschool period.


9. How do we report the progress of our child?


You are required to submit to us a class record and log sheet (excel format) that we will provide. Parents can opt to submit this to us on a quarterly or semestral basis. If there is no output provided, we cannot issue a report card. 


10. Do you have an orientation for parent before we register?


Yes, we can do a one-on-one orientation. (Viber or zoom)

11. Can we upgrade from homeschooling to either Homebased Online or Hybrid Online Delivery?


Yes you can. Some parents will find homeschooling overwhelming so if you feel that you are unable to handle it, you should let us know that you want to upgrade to either modality, so the learning of your child is not disrupted. 


12. Do you provide documents in case we want to bring him back on regular schooling? Yes, we will issue you a report card (F138) provided that the class record and log sheet as mentioned have been submitted. The regular school where your child will transfer to will send us an official request so we can send to them the SF10 (former F137 otherwise known as TOR or transcript of records).


13. Do you require an entrance exam?


No, we don’t require an entrance exam. If previously enrolled and based on the documents your child has been promoted, we will start you on that new level. (Registration requirements must be complete.) For new students, pre-K and sped students, we will require documentation and schedule an evaluation to determine placement.

14. What documents are required?


You must submit the filled up online application form, your child's birth certificate, 1x1 ID picture and report card from previous school or progress report for children that have attended Pre-K or Kinder. For learners with special needs, a diagnosis from the Development Pediatrician (DevPed) and assessment from therapists if applicable.

15. Do we need to report physically during the school year?


Exams can be conducted online, and all the reports and documents can be submitted to us via email or via courier service.


16. At the end of the school year, how are we going to assess that my child has passed the grade level?


An assessment will be made depending on the delivery model you choose. Should a national exam be mandated by DepEd, depending on the level, we will have to comply.

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