"Education is the most powerful weapon which   you can use to change the world". Nelson Mandela
​Early Education for children 1.8 years old to 4.11 years old


The program serves as a transition course for young children from the home to the school. Fully aware that a child’s development cannot be rushed, we follow a developmentally appropriate curriculum. Chinese is an option for students.




Monday to Thursdays 8:00-10:45 a.m. / Fridays 8:00-10:20 am (morning class)

A typical day would look like this


Circle time 8:15-830am                                 Circle Time 8:15-830am 

Math/Arts 8:30-9:10am                                 Music and Movement 8:15-8:55am

Reading 9:10-9:50am                                     Snack time 8:55-9:15am      

Snack time 9:50-10:05am                             Gross Motor (PE) 9:15-9:55am

Language 10:05-10:45am                             Homeroom Time 9:55-10:20am

Dismissal Time 10:45am                                Dismissal Time 10:20am

Monday to Thursdays 12:30-3:45pm / On Fridays combine with morning class (afternoon class)


Circle Time 12:45-1:00pm

Math/Arts 1:00-1:40pm  

Reading 1:40-2:20pm

Snack Time 2:20-2:45pm

Language 2:45pm-3:30pm

Dismissal Time 3:30pm

Discipline Policy


Our aim is to help children to develop self-control, self- confidence, and ultimately, self-discipline and sensitivity to others. Our methods are based on a positive, non-punitive approach.


Timing: Prompt arrival and departure are essential for the success and quality of the program. Please deliver your child to the teacher and fetch on time.


Pick up: we will release your children only to those people whose names you have given us. If there is an emergency, it is your responsibility to phone and notify the staff.


Health: if a child is too sick to participate fully in the program (indoors and outdoors), he /she should not be at school. Prescriptions drugs will dispensed on doctor’s instructions only.


Birthdays: will be acknowledged. If you wish to celebrate your child’s birthday at the center, please make early arrangements with the staff.


Meetings and Consultations will be scheduled. Generally, a parent – teacher meeting is scheduled four months after school opening and every three months thereafter.

​Kinder - G6


Kindergarten – for children aged 5 years old. This is the first stage of formal schooling under the DepEd K12 program.


Taking off from our ECD Program, social, emotional, and physical development are further strengthened at this stage.


G1-G6 -Students study: English,Mathematics,Science,Filipino,Aralin Panlipunan (Social Studies),MAPEH (Music, Art, PE, and Health),Pangkabuhayan – (Home Economics and Livelihood), Pagkatao (Guidance). Progress Reports are rendered three times a year. Parents of children with exceptional needs will have consultations as often as their Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) are due for evaluation.

G7 to G10 ​

We are now accepting students for junior high. This will enable students from the elementary level to continue to the next step in preparation for senior high. 

Multi-Grade/SPED/Pre-Voc/Alternative Delivery Mode (Home School)


​We are committed to provide quality educational opportunities for all students. We employ a variety of instructional strategies to deliver services to our students. All students with exceptional needs are provided with Individualized Education Plan targetting specific areas of need, i.e. fine motor skills, cognitive skills, communication, and behavior. Students with physical and mobility needs are provided accommodations .

For these students several educational opportunities are provided, such as multi-level classes, pre-vocational programs, and life skills training. 


On our staff are Occupational therapist, SPED specialist, Speech, and Communication and Behavior Therapist.

Home schooling is one of the services we offer for those that are unable to go to a regular school. A very good example is the current pandemic where a lot of parents are now considering this as an alternative until a vaccine is found.


We use the DepEd curriculum and with the help of the parents, students are able to continue their education. 


To know more about home schooling, you can read the various programs being offered. You can also download the application form in word and current rates .pdf format. (click on image to enlarge)

Application for SY 2020-2021 are now open. You can fill this online google form to register.

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